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Printer Repair

Common problems with printer are printer not printing, paper jamming, printer taking too long to print, printed text looking lousy etc. Scanners have their own set of problems. Just book a case and let our experts resolve the issue for you.Printer or scanner repair detailsDuration1 - 3 daysTurnaround Time2 hoursPricingDepends on the scope of workWhat's Included in Printer or scanner repair Diagnosis Cost of parts replaced Even with all the time savers that technology has given us, efficiencie can be lost when one piece of equipment doesn’t function properly. When a printer doesn’t perform its one job in a sufficient manner, you may feel frustrated. And if that faulty device is a multifunction printer (MFP) that also acts as your scanner and copier, you lose precious business time and your productivity will suffer. It's enough to make you want to throw your hands up in surrender (or throw your printer against the wall). Many issues, however, can be solved with a little DIY printer know-how. Common problem like 1. Printer Won’t Print 2. Bad Print Quality 3. My Printer Won't Scan Anymore 4. Too Many Paper Jams 5. Prints Too Slowly 6. I Can't Print from My Mobile Device 7. Wi-Fi Printing Takes Too Long

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